TSCM Service (referred to as “bug sweeps”)

TSCM=Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

Electronic Countermeasure Survey Procedures

A credible TSCM professional, has a thorough knowledge of the techniques, and types of equipment utilized to obtain information, as well as the use, and specific application of hidden devices, and other practices used to gain information.

Our thorough knowledge of practical application and installation of devices, allows us to provide a credible level of service to our clients who demand competent electronic countermeasures service. Our countermeasures experts have received formal training in Electronic Countermeasures through private and government institutions.

Reasons to have a TSCM survey:

Assist in the protection of confidential information

Labor Negotiations

Information about new products, customers, or R&D have made it to your competitor.

Merger and acquisition discussions have been compromised

Understanding that one sentence overheard or discovered by your competitor can cost you millions.

Domestic Issues (Marriages that have accumulated significant assets, child custody issues, or are in litigation are prime reasons.

Litigation over significant assets where one side needs direction or information.

Electronic Countermeasures involves performing a physical search, as well as conducting analysis, with laboratory grade equipment, to assist in the discovery of powered devices, to determine if there presently is, or may have been, a compromise of coveted information. This process may also include analysis of data storage systems and networks for items that indicate unauthorized access, for malicious purposes, and information retrieval by unauthorized users.

Our technologies include:

RF Spectrum Analysis for locating transmitters, and identifying resident RF signals,

Phone line analysis utilizing TDR technology,

Practical testing of phone systems for wiretaps, bridge taps, series taps, and line conditions, tape recorder starters.

Thermal imaging technology for locating covert video installations, hard wired and wireless, power supplies, and transmitters.

Analysis of video conferencing systems, for unauthorized access

Inspection areas of concern for IR and Laser presence which can also be used for eavesdropping.

Network analysis for systems that have or may have been compromised through the use of Trojan viruses, spy ware, cloning, keystroke logging, and hacking will be examined upon request.

What we always look for:

  • Tape Recorders
  • Video Recorders
  • Covert Video Cameras
  • RF Transmitters
  • Digital Transmitters
  • Wireless Microphones
  • Wired Microphones
  • GPS, RF Tracking Devices
  • Tape Recorder Starters
  • Inactive Devices
  • Audio Monitors
  • Telephone Taps
  • Parallel Taps
  • Serial Taps
  • Inductive pickups
  • Copy/Fax Machine Exploits
  • Remote Activated Devices
  • Intercom Exploitation
  • Telco equipment modifications
  • PBX Manipulation
  • Any capable device that will receive and pass information


Quality TSCM service is never provided by someone using a scanner, and or spy shop gadgets. A thorough” sweep” takes a considerable amount of time, not minutes, but hours, sometimes days. A competent sweep may be accomplished by conducting thorough electronic analysis, with the proper equipment, of many areas, as well as a thorough physical examination of the area in question. A single magic box, wand, or “gadget”, will not confirm that an area of concern has been compromised by the many devices and techniques that are used to gain information. You get what you pay for when shopping for someone to conduct a sweep.

Loss of Information/Due Diligence

“Every year millions of dollars are lost due to valuable, proprietary, information being taken for many reasons, primarily personal advancement, and monetary gain. A TSCM Professional is worth every dollar spent to ensure that your hard work, and proprietary information stays where it belongs. The damage a small, inexpensive, covert viewing, or listening device, may cause, as well as the loss of vital information through your networks security being compromised, can be irreparable”. Ask questions about procedures, precautions, due diligence and equipment when engaging a TSCM Professional.”

Should you desire TSCM services, please contact us away from the area you believe is threatened. Use someone else’s cell phone, or a pay phone and we will do our best to accommodate you ASAP.

We abide by all local, state, and federal laws.