TSCM/Special Operations Group Inc. is a licensed private investigation company located in Nashville, Tennessee, providing thorough, competent, private investigations, technical support for investigations, litigation, and research of all types.

Something to consider:

Beware of some out of state agencies that will more often than not subcontract your case to someone with little or no experience, or resources.

One should also be cautious when considering an investigator that is selling services for prices that sound too good to be true. Sometimes these people are referred to as “Hobby Investigators” and have been enticed into the Private Investigation field through an affection for investigation related television shows, desire for some type of social status, or the self proclaimed ability to gather gossip in the neighborhood,or even worse easy money from someone who is emotionally charged.In certain situations, if the other party is represented by an attorney, often enough, no contact is to be made with that person except through their attorney. A non-licensed investigator's testimony cannot be used in court when obtained by someone acting as a private investigator.

The pain of work poorly done outlasts the joy of a cheap price.

We have found that some out of state agencies want nothing more than your money. Some of these agencies are not licensed to provide private investigation services in Tennessee and are in violation of TN Dept of Commerce and Insurance laws. Some out of state investigation companies don’t even reside in a state that has established investigation license requirements. Gossip, hearsay and television tactics never hold weight in court.

Even worse, it can often take a considerable amount of time to achieve a desired result after inexperience or inadequate performance causes the opposition to find out “a PI has been after them”.

The end result of a competent investigation will change a portion of your life, and or business. Don’t risk a lot for a little. Make us your first call for World-Class Private Investigation services in Nashville Tennessee. Court appearances are never a problem. We are result driven.

Contact us for information regarding:

TSCM service, surveillance, background checks, process service, loss prevention and consulting, internal theft investigations, spouse checks (cheaters), child custody, DCS/CPS misconduct investigations, workplace malingering, employee misconduct, sexual harassment, covert video for business evaluation, intellectual property theft, trademark/copyright infringement and general investigation services.

Our enhanced services have helped recover thousands of dollars in lost revenue stemming from theft and embezzlement activity for our corporate clients. Utilizing our enhanced technical services to assist in divorce and child custody matters can help prevent unnecessary and unjust losses. We have credible associates available in 50 states to assist with out of state matters. When the need for a private investigator in Nashville Tennessee arises, make the right call first!