TSCM/Special Operations Group Inc

World Class Investigation Services

Our mission statement:

Our primary objective is to provide quality TSCM(countermeasure) service, surveillance equipment, surveillance operations, counter surveillance, special application products, and legal support services, in addition to technically enhanced investigation services, for domestic issues, small business, corporate, and industrial operations.

New technology and proven techniques provide rapid solutions and valuable information for our clients. Providing technically enhanced investigation services is our specialty. As experienced private investigators, and experienced government contractors domiciled in Nashville, we frequently assist law enforcement agencies, law firms, govt. training operations, and other private investigators, nationwide. Providing experts for analysis, evaluation, consulting, and testimony, is an additional facet of our enhanced investigation services.

The important difference:

The TSCM/Special Operations Group is comprised of trained, licensed experienced professionals. Our investigators maintain subject matter expertise in areas that are predominant in our industry to help meet your goal.

“The pain of work poorly done, lasts longer than the joy of a cheap price”

Practical application, real world experience, continuing education, and knowing what the courts accept, in addition to utilizing the best technology available, allows us to acquire accurate results. Our desire is to have our clients take the lead in any situation that requires credible, solid evidence. Make us your first call when the need for a Nashville surveillance, or investigative professional arises. Sometimes you only get one chance…….

We are result driven!